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Algarve Angels Relocate to Algarve
Algarve Angels Relocate to Algarve




What first-time visitors may not realize is that the Algarve has much more to offer than it’s iconic beaches, and that the coastline and towns differ dramatically from east to west.

The warm weather and glorious coastline attract many people who are looking to relocate to the Algarve region of Portugal.

As well as the coastal destinations, there are non-touristy inland towns and plenty of small villages that may be a good fit for you, depending on what you need and want.

For example, do you need access to public transport and to be walking distance from restaurants and supermarkets or are you happy with a more rural setting that means having a car?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you to maximize your time in Portugal so that your scouting trip is focused on places you might actually want to live in and not just the ones that make the headlines.


Since moving there a few years ago, we have spent our time really getting to know the region, exploring non-touristy towns and villages as well as the more famous destinations. We now offer private tours that cover the entire Algarve. These include visits from Lagos coastline to the village of Tavira and the towns of Messines, Lagoa, Monchique and Silves.

We usually tailor an organized VIP tour that fits your needs exactly and covers the regions that match your interests.

Algarve Angels Prepare your move to Portugal



You are ready to move to Portugal, but you have no idea where to start, when to take the next steps and how to take them.

The goal of our first intake call is to tackle all your questions and doubts and provide clarification on the entire relocation process. We assess your current situation and the motivation of your move. Based on these details, we can provide you with a timeline and action points that you need to start taking to prepare your relocation. We share useful contact details and tips and tricks to get ready for your move. 

We work together with reliable and competent specialists to work out the administrative preparation that should be done to achieve your objectives. Whether you are in need of a trustworthy accountant, an NHR-specialist, an independent property valuer or certified translations, we have several Trusted Partners to guide you and provide 100% honest and straight-forward advise.



We make sure to have everything ready for your arrival in Algarve.

The rat race back home might not allow you to deal with the preparation in Portugal as well. That's why we offer remote services to have everything prepared and set up for your arrival.

We verify and translate your rental contract. In many cases, some conditions or details that are needed for registrations or that would be in your interest, are not included. We provide our feedback and help you to complete your rental agreement.

Upon arrival, we welcome you with our Algarve Angels Guide, that holds numerous tips and tricks to get you started during your first months in Algarve. All necessary paperwork will be handled to open your bank account, activate your Portuguese health insurance and have appointments set to process the necessary registrations.

Algarve Angels - Move to Portugal
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